degrowth summer school 2019
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the new rural : de-growth

1 - 12 July 2019
Calling young architects and creatives of all disciplines who want take part in our international programme and design and build a live project this summer

1 - 12 July 2019
School Curators
Robert Mull (Britain)
Xenia Adjoubei (Russia)

Languages - English
Organised as part of the Global Free Unit borderless programme in architecture
Organised in collaboration with Ana Betancour and Umeå School of Architecture, this two week hands-on programme offers participants an opportunity to investigate the New Rural condition through exploration and analysis of the largest Art Park in Europe, and then to design and build an architectural intervention which addresses the social and cultural needs of the Art Park and local community.

Participants will be guided and supported by a team of local and invited experts, such as the founder of Nikola-Lenivets Art Park, Nikolay Polissky, and a multidisciplinary team of architects, sociologists, economists, landscape architects and other experts.

This School will propose a piece of hard-working civic infrastructure, which will facilitate new rural rituals, relevant to the countryside in Russia and beyond. The proposal will directly address the de-growth approach, which is the theme of the Oslo Architecture Triennale this year.
The New Rural programme brings together a multidisciplinary team participants to research, design and build together, consisting of architects, sociologists and artists. You will participate in a collective design workshop to create a vision for a new rural way of life and propose an architectural and social intervention, taking into account current trends in digital farming, new artistic and craft movements, and a post-labour, de-urbanising future. Participants will be immersed in the life of Nikola-Lenivets Art Park, evening lectures and design sessions will help us design a spacial and cultural proposal for how people can live and prosper in the contemporary and future rural condition, in Russia and beyond.

The Nikola-Lenivets Classroom is part of the Global Free Unit international educational network which was established by Professor Robert Mull to push higher education into contexts of rapid change or hardship, by allowing students to explore these conditions from the inside, and offer educational opportunities to the people experiencing these events on the ground.
The work of Nikola-Lenivets Classroom is crucial in the future programming of the Art Park and in supporting the local population, as well as designing for visitors and maintaining the collection of artworks by renowned artists and architects.

Results and Opportunities
The international Summer School at Nikola-Lenivets is a perfect opportunity to acquire hands-on experience in designing and building an architectural intervention in a beautiful natural landscape. Teams are international and are composed of young architects and artists. In 2017 we had participants from the UK, Italy, Latvia and Russia. Peer to peer learning and ideas exchange is just as important as the knowledge you receive from the School's tutors.

We invite tutors and experts from the Umea School of Architecture (Sweden), ETH (Zurich), the AA (UK), University of Brighton (UK), MARCH (Russia), as well as others. The tutors for each school are confirmed a month before the start date.

Invited tutors of previous schools include Kate Goodwin, Head of Architecture at the Royal Academy of Arts, Niall Hobhouse, art collector, curator and public figure, Alexander Brodsky Russian artist and architect , Peter Markli, Swiss architect and educator, Thomas Randall-Page, designer, tutor at the AA and Oxford Brookes, Alex Scott-Whitby, senior lecturer at University of East London and founder ScottWhitbyStudio, Dasha Paramonova, CEO of Strelka Architects, Alejandro Haiek Coll, architect and lecturer at Umea School of Architecture, Julia Bychkova, Director of Archstoryanie Festival, Robert Sollis, Director of Europa, as well as experts in timber construction and forestry.

There will be a public presentation of the School's results on the last day of your stay.

When: 1 - 12 July 2019
Where: Nikola-Lenivets Art Park

The school is open to anyone over 18, studying or working in the fields of architecture, crafts and construction, design and the arts. For those who are keen to work on a live project and improve their creative thinking and skills

Full programme cost (without a grant):
70 000 RU / € 930 all in

Includes accommodation, meals, materials, talks, tours. Participants will stay at Kazarma hostel.


Participation cost with a grant:
50 000 RU / € 650 all in

Partner institutions rates:
45 000 RU / € 600 for students or alumni of
STRELKA, Universal University, Brighton University, UMA

We are grateful to our sponsors and Nikola-Lenivets Art Park for supporting this educational programme so that we can offer it to participants at the following rates. Please send your portfolio together with your application and indicate that you would like to apply for a grant.

Russian visas: we will provide organisational support for international participants.

Language: English
Places are limited so please send us your
application as soon as possible
See photos from previous Summer Schools

If you have any questions
We would be glad to answer them
over the phone: +7 (495) 150-54-75
or email:

Nikola-Lenivets Art Park is in the Kaluga region in Russia, to find out how to get here check out our directions.
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Participation in The New Rural: Build & Design Summer School in Nikola-Lenivets
1-12 July 2019
the new rural : de-growth
If you require a Russian visa and need advice on how to obtain it, please let us know and we will provide you with step by step instructions.
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