eco | эко
a sculpture which demonstrates the effects of climate change on our environment through an audio-visual experience, in real & virtual space
28 february 2022
opening event & performance
skolkovo, moscow
project authors:
Taras Mashtalir audio-visual sculpture, programming, fabrication
Xenia Adjoubei inclusive ecologies & public engagement
Guy Eames project manager & green technology expert
In partnership with MASI, Moscow Institute for Architecture and Civil Engineering, Djinn Sensors life science specialists & Skolkovo Innovation Centre, Russia. Project assistants: Bibin Mathew and Surya Theja, Pratt Institute School of Architecture.
17:00 Introduction: environmental sensing and communicating the climate crisis. Xenia Adjoubei, director AdjoubeiScottWhitby Studio, Guy Eames, director Planet 2030, Taras Mashtalir multimedia artist /RU, Svetlana Zabelina, rector, MASI.

Event Details 28 February 2022

19:00 Please join us in person in Skolkovo Technopark
19:30 Opening word refreshments served & installation viewing
20:00 Live performance
Stella, by Taras Mashtalir, in
2017, Artplay, Moscow
/ which served as inspiration
for the eco | эко project.
The eco|эко sculpture can be installed in public spaces as a device to measure urban environments and improve climate literacy among citizens in an engaging way.
This multi-sensory experience communicates the dangers of climate change and augments your perception of the surrounding environment. The project is part of a programme which brings together art, science and digital technology and offers innovative, interdisciplinary and collaborative responses to climate change.

Urban environments affect the physical and mental health of billions of people living in the cities. Although science is quickly moving forward to quantify and map the quality of urban environments, raising awareness and communicating comfort levels and how the health of populations, or how nature in cities is effected, are in their early stages. This project brings together a multimedia artist, architect, scientist and green technology expert to design and produce a prototype interactive sculpture, which communicates real-time data about the surrounding environment in an intuitive and powerful way.

The project will launch with an immersive performance (in person event), and is accompanied by an educational programme on the subject of communicating climate science through the arts.

The project team includes female architect and inclusive ecologies expert Xenia Adjoubei, new media and sonic artist Taras Mashtalir, scientific health methodology from Djinn Sensors, green technology expert Guy Eames and student assistants from MASI, Pratt Institute.
ecо|эко team
  • Taras Mashtalir
    Audio-visual artist
    A multi-media and new media artist, sculptor, composer and sound designer, a classical musician turned electronic music producer. His works include multimedia installations, soundtracks for the films and animations. His compositions are a unique blend of different genres morphed together and wrapped into a new aesthetic fabric of electronic ambience.
  • Xenia Adjoubei
    Director, Adjoubeiscottwhitby Studio, Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Inclusive Ecologies, Pratt Institute
    Founder of education and research centre in the largest Art Park in Europe, and director of architecture practice, AdjoubeiScottWhitby Studio. Recent research projects include Mapping Shadow Ecologies in the Venezualn Amazon, Developing New Methods for Analysis and Design for Migration and Art as Labour. Her projects have been exhibited at the 17th Venice Biennale of Architecture and the Oslo Architecture Triennale, among others.
  • Guy Eames
    Chair, Russian Green Building Council (RUGBC), Director, Planet 2030
    Sustainability Protagonist and Social Entrepreneur with over 20 years of international business development experience in Multinationals, Start-ups, Industry Associations. Delivering change through developing business tools, online training and launching new cutting-edge technologies in emerging markets. Lived and worked in 6 countries.
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