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Studio 12 seeks the performance of buildings by investigating material behaviors, building science and environmental impacts. Through a continuous dialogue between artistic production and technical expertise, the studio develops a holistic comprehension of the science and craft of building.
The studio agenda developed new architectural languages, formwork production and alternative constructions methods exploring tectonic expressions with particular attention on understanding how buildings perform.

Studio 12 explores fields of transdisciplinary research, addressing art, design and engineering. Combining building science and artistic processes, the studio becomes a platform of pedagogical tools, supporting the student to learn by making, design by testing and explore by research.
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In Studio 12, the whole life of a building is discussed. The students investigate how buildings age, pass away and degrade, proposing methods for dismantling and transforming its components for new uses. The fascination for structures of fast assemblage is as potent as for infrastructures of legacy.
The building systems produced in Studio 12 compile an atlas of tools and handcraftsmanship, creating a valuable collective document of cultural heritage preservation, environmental impact and socially sustainable principles.
Studio 12 | Tectonic Performance is not a parametric Studio. The Studio democratize design tools by demystifying digital fabrication and parametricism. It provide a field for innovation to review the physical and operational limits of Architecture: manually produced or technologically assisted.
Operating in-between, traditions and science merge to preserve artisanal technics and an ethical perspective of the Industry. The studio recognize technological implementations as parameters of a complex understanding of the built.
The exercises have been producing alternative methods that cross fluidly between the physical and digital world providing a wide range of variables and technological approaches.
The studio opens up an honest discussion about the time of building: from fast assembling fascination to infrastructures of legacy. The research projects get deep into how buildings age, dismantle or disappear, mindfully reflecting about cultural heritage preservation and environmental impact.
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The Art and Science of Building

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  • Alejandro Haiek
    founder & studio leader
    Architect. Studio Leader at Umeå School of Architecture, Sweden. Invited professor at the Master of International Cooperation Sustainable Emergency Architecture Erasmus program at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Spain and Grenoble University, France. Invited artist at Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan and Liga space for Architecture supported by Graham Foundation. Artist in residence at Monash University in Australia and Auckland University in New Zealand, participant at Mextrópoli 2018 Festival Internacional de Arquitectura y Ciudad, Mexico. Architecture Fellow at the Civitella Foundation, Italy.

    Area of expertise: Civic infrastructures and social reengineering. Receiving honours in Architectural Design, Master of Sciences, at the Central University of Venezuela, his research examines the relations between public landscapes, post-industrial ecologies and Network Governance, resulting in projects for social innovation that integrate science, culture and local intelligences.
  • Marie Kraft
    co-tutor in 2018-2019
  • Rocío Pina
    co-tutor in 2018-2021
    Rocío Pina, (Madrid, Spain) Architect and urban designer, is co-founder at Enorme Studio and associate professor in several design school. Her office is best characterised by their radical approach to architecture, city and people.

    She is author of awarded projects such as Teruelzilla Leisure Center (Mies van der Rohe European Award's selected and Building of the Year 2012. ICON AWARDS), Home Back Home (N.I.C.E. Award 2015. Solving the World's Major Challenges), Urban SPA (Next Landmark Awards) or From Olympic Games to urban Games (PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD. Sixtynine Seventy International Competition. Salt Lake City).

    She collaborates with design, cultural and art institutions such as Manifesta Biennial of Contemporary Art, StoreFront for Art an Architecture New York, Medialab Prado Madrid, Lycée Francaise, Centro Ker Thiossane, Senegal, IED Madrid or IE Business School.
  • Carl-Johan Vesterlund
    co-tutor in 2019-2022
  • Xenia Adjoubei
    co-tutor in 2020-2022
    Architect. Studio Leader at The London School of Architecture and School of Architecture and Design, University of Brighton, UK. Fulbright Visiting Scholar 2020-2021 at the Pratt Institute, New York City. Co-founder of AdjoubeiScott-Whitby Studio, co-founder, the Global Free Unit, leader of Nikola-Lenivets Classroom, rural innovation think tank in Russia. Former Studio and Module Leader at Moscow School of Architecture, Moscow. Researcher on Wellbeing in Displaced Communities Equip project at the University of Brighton.

    Area of expertise: architecture projects in culture, public realm and education. Research and curatorial projects on: Art as Labour: physical labour and craft in a post-work future; Degrowth: povera architecture; The New Rural: designing a contemporary village.
  • Alejandra Diaz
    co-tutor in 2020-2022
  • Ana Betancour
    co-tutor in 2021
    Ana Betancour is an architect and Professor of Architecture, the former Rector, Head of School at UMA School of Architecture, Umeå University (2015 – 2019). She founded A + URL/ Architecture + Urban Research Laboratory (1999 – 2007), and she co-founded P.H.A.B. Architects (1996 – 2001) and the architectural practice Urban + Architecture Agency (2008 – ongoing), a multidisciplinary organisation and design practice. Her work spans between Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urbanism. Numerous projects investigate alternative strategies, modes of working and catalyse change within global transformations affecting cities and rural areas today. She is widely published and exhibited and is a member of various international reference groups, networks and organisations, nationally and internationally, such as member of the board of direction of the University of the Arts in Stockholm, the advisory group to the Delegation for Sustainable Cities Sweden, Chair of Jury for the Swedish Critic Award Architects Sweden, the Architectural Research European Network Association (ARENA)

    Ana Betancour was previously a professor in Urban Design at Chalmers University of Technology (2007 – 2014), and Associate Professor/ Senior Lecturer at KTH School of Architecture, Stockholm (2001 – 2007), and The Bartlett, University College London, London (1999 – 2003), and the Head of Exhibitions and Public Programme at The Museum of Architecture in Stockholm (2007 – 2009).
  • Farid Abbasi
  • Fredrik Ahlqvist
  • Emmy Andersson
  • Gene Pietro Archibek
  • Olof Run Arnadottir
  • Jonas Bäckström
  • Frida Bergner
  • Johan Björn
  • Carl Blix
  • Elin Borlid
  • Linda Brokmar
  • Maja Bygdén
  • Carolina Carsjö
  • Louis Cassiers
  • Giulia Cavallo
  • Timmermans Cédric
  • Robbe Cornelis
  • Anna Dahlbäck
  • Miquel Debón Villagrasa
  • Marianne Dellwik
  • August Edwards
  • Birger Ekstedt
  • Elisabet Sara Emilsdottir
  • Kenneth Kaj Gustaf Eriksson
  • Raffaele Errichiello
  • Sofie Ersson
  • Ann-Christine Forsberg
  • Fardosa Ahmed Gaaibet
  • Karina Gataullina
  • Anders Gidlund
  • Elena Gonsalve Guisado
  • Vinay Goyal
  • Samuel Grönlund
  • Ida Grönqvist
  • Jonathan Gunnarsson
  • Malin Gyll
  • Marcus Hägglund
  • Jesper Haglund
  • Maximiliam Hellerup
  • Anna Hellsing
  • Martin Hendeberg
  • Petter Henfridsson
  • Johannes Henriksson
  • Julia Herbert
  • Elnaz Heshmati
  • Jyrki Huuskonen
  • Alexander Jansson
  • Stien Kestens
  • Oscar Landing
  • Anna Lindström
  • Viktor Lindström
  • Rebecka Littbrand
  • Chiara Lombardi
  • Ellinor Lopez Hannu
  • Olov Lövström
  • Maxine Lundström
  • Gabriella Magnusson
  • Arvid Matton
  • Ninos Merza
  • Pieter-Jan Monserez
  • Ehsan Mussa
  • Sam Nemati
  • Angelica Nilsson
  • Stina Nordström
  • Therese Nygard
  • Rima Ohanyan
  • Hana Osman
  • Nicole Parsi
  • Fabiana Polichetti
  • Minna Portinson
  • Linnea Rudholm
  • Rebecca Rudolph
  • Sara Rundblad
  • Johanna Runge
  • Thea Salomonsson
  • Carolina Sandström
  • Simon Freddy G. Simon de Leersnyder
  • Emma Skelander
  • Jeanette Skinnars
  • Nils-Petter Martin Smedsén
  • Pétur Stefánsson
  • Elliot Sundlin
  • Dennis Sundqvist
  • Kasimir Suter Winter
  • Matilda Thorup
  • Martin Törnquist
  • Salwah Pamela Torres Aued
  • Jonatan Urpiala
  • Cesar Andres Velando Garcia
  • Tommy Vince
  • Victoria Wadstein
  • Emelie Wendelstig
  • Felix Westergren
  • Charlie Wilson Källbom
  • Emma Wretman
  • Anneli Zetterström
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